Portrait of Aaron Sorkin

I had a brief shoot with screenwriter Aaron Sorkin at Chicago's Peninsula Hotel this week for RedEye. My photos appear on the cover and inside of today's ( 10/16/15 ) RedEye print edition.

 I've done countless celebrity portraits at the Peninsula, so I'm always trying to think of new spots there. I was limited this time between shooting in a hotel room or in the hallway. I had a 300mm lens with so I dropped a chair in the middle of the hallway and backed up as far as I could ( 50 ft? ), taking advantage of the spacial compression of zoom lenses.

Aaron came and sat down after his interview with Matt Pais ( Read & watch it here: trib.in/1LmbBhX ). Maids scurried down the hallway for the first 5 minutes, preventing much photography from happening but allowing time for a staring contest with a certain famous screenwriter. As soon as the hall cleared I got my shots, Aaron thanked me & was gone.

Wish I had a chance to make some small talk, next time I'll bring walkie talkies. 

Aaron Sorkin. ( Lenny Gilmore / RedEye ) ©

Aaron Sorkin. ( Lenny Gilmore / RedEye ) ©