Re.Dress Project pitch

Re.Dress is a story telling project driven by photography that will be released in 2018 as a coffee table book. The photographs will depict what has happened to the things people wore on their wedding day, in the time since.

The photographs I've taken at countless weddings only show the beginning of a journey so I wanted to create a project that had a way of showing what came next. Garments we wear on our wedding days are often only worn once but then held onto...for as nearly as long as the commitment made while wearing them.... sometimes for much longer. Our wedding clothes act as a through line to our wedding day. Everything that has or hasnt happened to that dress or suit helps tell a story of love & marriage. To me a dress that was worn once kept in perfect condition ever since is just as interesting as the suit that got worn to a wedding once but then also to a hundred other things and is all worn out in and threadbare. 

Some photos will depict couples, happily dressed nearly identically to how they were on their wedding day. Some photos will just be a dress or suit displayed on a mannequin. Other photos will be a single person, married/divorced/remarried. Concepts will be customized to their participant. The same care, represent and presentation will be given whatever the case. 

I hope youll consider participating yourself or encouraging others to!

- Lenny Gilmore

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Thank-you for your interest in participating in Re.dress. Please let me know what hour you are available between 10am & 7pm on May 13th to participate in our first photo shoot for the project. My producer Katey Meyer & myself will be in touch to coordinate. Studio is located near 18th and Michigan Ave in Chicago, Illinois. - Lenny Gilmore