To be an artist

I've been thinking a lot lately.... trying to conceptualize a fine art project the last few weeks. Since graduating college I've gotten to be endlessly creative but always on behalf of someone else /realizing other peoples visions. I love doing that ( it's my livelihood ) but lately I find myself with something to say and wanting to find a way to say it.

I took it as a small, yet positive, omen when I sold two prints today that I made way back in 2009  ( via the Catherine Edelman Gallery ). In the series that the prints are from called Believed Imaginings I tried to speak about the beautiful but melancholy isolation of childhood... my own childhood.  

in 2009/2010, after creating the series, I was surprised that anyone gave a shit cause it was so personal to me. People really seemed excited and to be trying to understand what I was trying to say.  Having a small amount of approval from others became overwhelming, it freaked me out....I was excited by it but it became too much of a distraction. I stopped being able to make art for myself, I was too nervous about making fine art that people wouldn't be interested in so I didn't make any at all. I turned my attention  to photojournalism & commercial photography. 

I'm going to start sharing sketches and ideas as I work on whatever this new project becomes. I have a story to tell and I hope you'll stay and listen. ( Hope I'll get to hear yours as well. )

- Lenny Gilmore