Batman Vs. Superman shoot & published work for 3/21-25

Another busy week at RedEye in Chicago. I shot 4 covers this week & a spread on c2e2. Today there was a great spread of Superman Vs. Batman content for which I shot a cover with Superman & Batman action figures having it out. Designer Sara Amato did a great job designing the cover and lending art direction on this one. To accomplish the image I held a smoke machine and threw foam pieces and sand while Sara hit the shutter for me. The strings holding up superman were photoshopped out while his laser eyes were photoshopped in. If my smoke machine hadn't set off the Tribune Tower's smoke detector I would have done the laser eyes in camera as well... cant win em all. 


24 Hours of assignments for RedEye

I thought it would be fun to share a photo from each of my 5 assignments for RedEye on March 15, 2016. In descending order (without giving too much away ) is from a night life project I'm working on with Heather Schroering, the second is for a story on a new watch company, the third is a charcuterie plate, the fourth is for a story on expanding the 606 to the east, & the last is for a story on the ever growing popularity and acceptance of tattoos. 

RedEye Covers from 2015

My fifth year at Chicago's RedEye was a creatively productive but tumultuous one. I wanted to share a gallery of a few of my favorite print covers and spreads I was a part of over 2015 as a photographer or illustrator.

I'm really proud of all the great reporters and designers I work with over at . We are a really small, but tight knit team. They've given a lot of trust and I'm thankful for that.

Looking forward to what 2016 will bring. 

Happy Holidays folks!

Alycia & Jason's Wedding

I spent beautiful, happy weekend photographing my friends wedding in Brooklyn, NY. 

The following are a small selection of my favorite photographs from that wedding.

Jake Anderson ( left ) came with me to photo assist , here is a instax of us after putting on our ties in the morning. 

Photo Credit: Petya Shalamanova

Photo Credit: Petya Shalamanova

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To be an artist

I've been thinking a lot lately.... trying to conceptualize a fine art project the last few weeks. Since graduating college I've gotten to be endlessly creative but always on behalf of someone else /realizing other peoples visions. I love doing that ( it's my livelihood ) but lately I find myself with something to say and wanting to find a way to say it.

I took it as a small, yet positive, omen when I sold two prints today that I made way back in 2009  ( via the Catherine Edelman Gallery ). In the series that the prints are from called Believed Imaginings I tried to speak about the beautiful but melancholy isolation of childhood... my own childhood.  

in 2009/2010, after creating the series, I was surprised that anyone gave a shit cause it was so personal to me. People really seemed excited and to be trying to understand what I was trying to say.  Having a small amount of approval from others became overwhelming, it freaked me out....I was excited by it but it became too much of a distraction. I stopped being able to make art for myself, I was too nervous about making fine art that people wouldn't be interested in so I didn't make any at all. I turned my attention  to photojournalism & commercial photography. 

I'm going to start sharing sketches and ideas as I work on whatever this new project becomes. I have a story to tell and I hope you'll stay and listen. ( Hope I'll get to hear yours as well. )

- Lenny Gilmore

Portrait of Charlie Kaufman

Yesterday I found myself sitting Indian style on a carpeted floor across from the man who wrote my favorite film. So many questions to ask and delight to express but no time for that, 5 minute photo shoots are a near wordless sprint. 

Photo will run with an upcoming interview by Matt Pais at

Happy Friday! - Lenny

Charlie Kaufman at the Public Hotel in Chicago. ( Lenny Gilmore / RedEye ) ©

Charlie Kaufman at the Public Hotel in Chicago. ( Lenny Gilmore / RedEye ) ©

Portrait of Aaron Sorkin

I had a brief shoot with screenwriter Aaron Sorkin at Chicago's Peninsula Hotel this week for RedEye. My photos appear on the cover and inside of today's ( 10/16/15 ) RedEye print edition.

 I've done countless celebrity portraits at the Peninsula, so I'm always trying to think of new spots there. I was limited this time between shooting in a hotel room or in the hallway. I had a 300mm lens with so I dropped a chair in the middle of the hallway and backed up as far as I could ( 50 ft? ), taking advantage of the spacial compression of zoom lenses.

Aaron came and sat down after his interview with Matt Pais ( Read & watch it here: ). Maids scurried down the hallway for the first 5 minutes, preventing much photography from happening but allowing time for a staring contest with a certain famous screenwriter. As soon as the hall cleared I got my shots, Aaron thanked me & was gone.

Wish I had a chance to make some small talk, next time I'll bring walkie talkies. 

Aaron Sorkin. ( Lenny Gilmore / RedEye ) ©

Aaron Sorkin. ( Lenny Gilmore / RedEye ) ©

Portrait of Chicago Blackhawk, Marian Hossa

Marian Hossa met me in the lobby of the United Center for a 5 minute portrait shoot for the cover of the RedEye newspaper. I directed him over to a spot of light splashing across a nearby staircase. I made some small talk about what he'd been doing with the Stanley Cup during the off season, he told me about taking it back to his home country of Slovakia. He turned his head towards a nearby window and I quickly snapped a pic. 

Hossa did an interview with my colleague Leonor Vivanco, read it by clicking here