Art, design, photography, its all here. This site is a small portfolio of work I've done for clients & some of my art. .

The portrait section of my site is a good place to start, its comprised mostly of celebrity portraits I've taken in hotel rooms and a few more conceptual ones I took for various people. 

Currently working at the Sami & Mike Co. in a LA doing social media advertisements. I just added a section showing some of the short form Facebook ads I've created there in the last month or two.

Please reach out to me at LennyGilmore@gmail.com. Always trying to take on a little freelance work or collaborate!

Follow me on Instagram, @lennygilmore, to keep up with me & send me a DM so I know who you are

- Lenny

 Summer in Chicago 2017 on my 1984 Kawasaki KZ 550. Photo by Rachel Gilmore

Summer in Chicago 2017 on my 1984 Kawasaki KZ 550. Photo by Rachel Gilmore

New Year thoughts.

2017 was an exciting year for me. I left my long time position at Chicago's RedEye to try some new things. I earned my motorcycle license, traveled to Mexico City & around Iceland, and moved to California. Also I wrote some pop songs I will never share with anyone.

I'm starting 2018 by putting together a new portrait photography book as well as starting a some new personal and professional projects. Last year was kind of a transitionary year but I hope this one can be a trans-formative one.

If you look through my website now you'll see portraits, advertising work for clients, and bits and pieces of fine art collages I've done. This year you'll start to see more statement projects that will tackle a concept or try to answer a question that I find infatuating. 

My love of camping and the outdoors in general has me constantly rethinking our relationship with the natural world. I've been wrestling with various concepts of how I'd like to represent that awkward relationship. I just want something I can do at whim, wherever in the world I am that day but still have it form a cohesive body of work. Easy! Look for something clean, minimal, and green on my instagram soon.

I'm also looking to take on more documentary and photojournalism work this year.I have two projects I'm going to release as photo books. After that I hope to start something I can stick with for the rest of the year at least.

- Lenny

Posted: 01.01.2018